Hej hej hej hej alla fina som har ramlat in här.Ramla gärna runt här en stund, ni är så välkomna så. Headern är precis färskgjord och inte direkt ett mästerverk, men jag gillar energin så ni får stå ut med den ett tag! Ha dä bra grabbar

måndag 6 februari 2012

and don't limit the poetry to the word

"poetry can be found in music,a photograph, in the way a meal is prepared - anything with the stuff of relevation in it. it can exist in the most everyday things, but it must never be ordinary.

by all means,write about the sky or a girls smile, but when you do, let your poetry conjure up salvation day, doomsday, any day. I don't care, as long as it enlighten us, thrills us and- if it's inspired- makes us feel a bit immortal."

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